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  1. i want to save screenshot inside the subfolders

    i using this app
    this is my parent folder

    inside parent folder there is multiple folder

    N:\WK\SH\Movie\bluray\Inception (2010)\Inception.mkv
    N:\WK\SH\Movie\bluray\Avatar (2009)\Avatar.mkv

    i want mtn will read the subfolder media file and make screenshot inside the sub folder i.e

    N:\WK\SH\Movie\bluray\Inception (2010)\Inception_s.jpg
    N:\WK\SH\Movie\bluray\Avatar (2009)\Avatar_s.jpg

    this is the mtn batch script i able to make

    this is the path i need to fix "N:\WK\SH\Movie\%%f\%%s". if i use "N:\WK\SH\Movie\%%f" it's saving image file in N:\WK\SH\Movie\bluray.

    like this:

    i have very little knowledge about batchs script, can someone please help me to fix this script?

    CD N:\WK\SH\Movie"
    for /d %%f in (*) do (
      pushd %%f
      cd "N:\work\doc\mtn"
      mtn -c 2 -r 4 -w 1000 -c 1 -r 4 -b 0.3 -D 6 -O "N:\WK\SH\Movie\%%f"  -L 4:2 -t -i "N:\WK\SH\Movie\%%f" -P
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    This seemed to work OK.
    I put a pause in between each movie so you can read the text on the screen.
    There may be "brainfarts'. This is a real return code.

    [h264 @ 6BD90F00]brainfart cropping not supported, this could look slightly wrong ...
    Delete the pause line if and when you're happy.
    Remember to set the path to the folder containing mtn.exe and libraries.

    @echo off
    :: The folder containing mtn.exe and libraries.
    set path=d:\mtn;
    for /r %%a in ("*.mp4", "*.mkv") do call :process "%%~dpa" "%%~nxa"
    goto :end
    set videopath=%~1
    set video=%~2
    mtn -c 2 -r 4 -w 1000 -b 0.8 -D 6 -L 4:2 -t -i -P "%videopath%%video%"
    goto :eof
    I just copied your program parameters. I know nothing about the program.
    I'm sure a number of people will be interested in trying it.
    I'm not interested in learning. I'll stick to batch files.

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  3. thank you so much for the script. cheers!
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