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    Since 2018 I work on MacOS, I did made the switch because of the need of video & photo editing and the known very stable OS

    Sometimes I record movies, or old series from tv broadcasters, edit them and store them. Usually for watching on old tube televisions (= another hobby: vintage television restauration).
    When I started editing such recordings from tv broadcasters, I discovered Wondershare Uniconverter as the most user friendly macOS program for doing this.

    My question about this program is the strange behavior in converting speed.
    These days I'm recording an old flemish serial broadcasted in 16:9, but its original was 4:3 format. I like to play it back on a 4:3 tv. So I convert it from the TS to MP4 format, edit the commercial skips out and convert it to 4:3.
    Every week I do 5 convertings at a time.

    My iMac 2019 i5 40GB RAM takes about 12-13 minutes for doing this job. It runs at almost 100% CPU capacity.
    I had a late 2013 MBP with 4GB ram. It takes +/- 30 minutes for doing this, also running at 100% CPU while converting.
    I also had a Mid 2017 MPB A1708. 2,3GHz i5 with 8GB ram. He did this job in 15-18 minutes also at 100% CPU.

    Because this last MBP had keyboard and battery issues, I sold it and found another A1708, but a late 2016. The only difference, this macbook has a 2.0GHz i5 CPU.
    Doing exactly the same conversion on this machine, it also takes 30 minutes just like the "old" 2013 MBP. But I notice this machine doesn't run at 100% CPU while converting.
    The laptop itself can do this. Running a benchmark program "Heaven" the machine runs this fluently and takes almost 100% CPU.

    In the past I had another version of Wondershare running on the iMac. Same behavior as on the late 2016 MBP. Very slow conversion and not using the whole CPU capacity.

    So my question: does Wondershare has an hidden setting to slow down CPU speed? The "switch" high speed conversion is highlighted.

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  2. I wish I knew how to do this stuff..[emoji848]

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