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  1. Re. MS - Windows 7, x64 bits, Intel core-i7

    So - I was forced to upgrade my free Beta version of MakeMKV, because (my no problem) working version was 'old'.

    Since then, the application is running rogue when reading / ripping my personal DVD's (1980 - 1990 - 2000 circa).
    - either part way through reading, or same ripping - my Windows7 OS becomes un-responsive, with constant HD activity LED on.

    What to do ?

    Is there an alternative FREE tool to rip DVD's in a simple way?

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    You can try Dvd Decrypter; hasn't been updated since 2005, may not work on some DVD's due to improved copy protection

    Or possibly DVDfab, still developed
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    Dvd shrink will work since your dvds are personal.
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