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    Hello all,

    Is there a way (preferably with ffmpeg as that is what I'm familiar with) to specify a closed GOP around a clip.

    Many of my recordings require cuts and it is very difficult to accurately cut clips with the common open GOP structure. I have tried for a long time to cut only on IDR frames but even this is unreliable because of open GOPs.

    Then I had the idea, what if I could re-encode and force a closed GOP around my desired clips? Is that possible? I know ffmpeg has a forced keyframes flag, but that doesn't garauntee the clip between keyframes will even be a single GOP, let alone a closed one. I also don't think I need to convert the entire source to closed GOP, just between the frames I want to cut.

    Any ideas? I should clarify, sources are h264.
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    Unless I am mistaken and all the videos I cut and paste are not what I think they are, FFMpeg creates Closed GOP by default. Most of the hundreds I have downloaded are also closed GOP. Cutting on key frame is a specific method to assure :
    1. The final frame is a P frame
    2. The final 5? frames Pts times are the same interval
    3. No following frames have to be decoded before the P frame
    4. FFMpeg script has to be specific, I.E. -ss Pecedes or follows -i filename depending on whjat you want to cut

    if you copy the following to a BAT file and then drag and drop a video on the it, you will have a lot of information you need.

    setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    @echo off
    ::for %%a in (*.mp4,*.mpg,*.flv) Do (
    for %%a in ("%~dpnx1") Do (
    set /a count=0
    cd %%~dpa
    echo frame,media_type,stream_index,key_frame,pkt_pts,pkt_pts_time,pkt_dts,pkt_dts_time,best_effort_timestamp,^
    chroma_location > "%%~na_ffprobe.csv"
    echo No.  pts_time  type  Frame# > "%%~na_AllFrames.txt"
    ver > nul
    set /a Number=0
    ffprobe.exe -v quiet -select_streams v:0 -print_format csv -show_entries frame "%%~nxa"  >> "%%~na_ffprobe.csv"
    for /F "tokens=4,6,18,19,20 delims=," %%b in ('findstr "video" "%%~na_ffprobe.csv"') do (
    set "x=%%b"
    set "y=%%c"
    set "z=%%d"
    set "w=%%e"
    set "v=%%f"
    set "u=%%g"
    set sort=!y:~0,-7!
    ::if !sort! GEQ 0 if !sort! LEQ 10 echo !count!  !y:~0,13!  !x! !w:~0,1! >> "%%~na_AllFrames.txt"
    echo !count!    !y:~0,13!  !x! !w:~0,1!     !v! >> "%%~na_AllFrames.txt"
    set /a count+=1
     set /a ekko=count%%100
     if !ekko! EQU 0 echo Frame !count! processed
    rem pause

    This will produce a CSV file with all information and a shorter text file such as what follows here. notice that not only does the frame before the next 'I' frame is a 'P' frame but no following frames have a lowere decode number, meaning it would have to be decoded before the 'P' frame, signifying Closed GOP. Cutting here works fine for all my cuts.

    No. pts_time type Frame#
    0 0.080000 1 I 0
    1 0.120000 0 B 3
    2 0.160000 0 B 2
    3 0.200000 0 B 4
    4 0.240000 0 P 1
    5 0.280000 0 B 7
    6 0.320000 0 B 6
    7 0.360000 0 P 5

    70 2.880000 0 P 66
    71 2.920000 0 B 73
    72 2.960000 0 B 72
    73 3.000000 0 B 74
    74 3.040000 0 P 71
    75 3.080000 1 I 75
    76 3.120000 0 B 78
    77 3.160000 0 B 79
    78 3.200000 0 B 77
    79 3.240000 0 B 80
    80 3.280000 0 P 76
    81 3.320000 0 B 83
    82 3.360000 0 B 84
    83 3.400000 0 B 82
    84 3.440000 0 B 85
    85 3.480000 0 P 81
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    This has got to be the most helpful response I've ever gotten, on any forum. Thank you budman, for such a detailed response!
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