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    I'm in the need of a free software that can deal with 5.1 audio and show me the channel distribtion so that I can possibly change the arragement.
    Source will be DTS-HD 5.1. Is there any free software I could use for that? :/
    Would probably already be enough if it's a software that can just change the channel arragement but would be better if I could reencode to DTS-HD.
    My demands beyond that are pretty minimal - speedup function for shorter reencode (in this case, reencode possibly will be one secnd shorter, possibly).

    Can anybody give me recommendation, my knowledge of audio software out there is pretty much non-existent...
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  2. hi, could you try "XMEDIA RECODE"
    configuration in the program:
    ✪ "FORMAT" TAB
    - format = DTS
    ✪ "AUDIO" TAB
    - general / channels = 5.1 (side)
    - channel mapping / channel order mode = CUSTOM[*]
    [*] → Here you can change the order of the channels

    reviewed in XMEDIA RECODE V3.3.5.8 64bits portable
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