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  1. Hi, first time poster and long time lurker here.

    I just got an ES10 for transferring some buggered tapes in passthrough but I can't seem to get past the initial auto setup for channels. So annoying.

    I don't yet have a proper remote as I got this used but I have ordered a replacement. In the meantime I have a universal remote that works somewhat. I think.

    On most recorders that I've worked with I could select the line ins with the channel selector. Is this applicable with the ES10?

    My big obstacle is that I can't select my inputs with the channel selector because I have no channels in memory. Everytime I press the channel selector on the unit it goes into channel setup. I don't have any cable service and don't need or want channels on the ES10. I've tried plugging a cheap antenna into the RF to appease the unit in but no dice. Nothing comes up.

    Anyone experience this? If so, How can I work around this?
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  2. I figured out a fix. I plugged a coaxial output from one of my VCR's. This seemed to have satisfied the ES10's lust for a "channel". Ha.

    Any suggestions for optimal setup for transferring via passthrough?

    I have video settings at Picture - Normal with Line-in DR set to off.

    I'm not sure if there are other menus I can't see since I don't have the proper remote.
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