been doing stills as a lead photographer for years. in my country there is a huge demand from videographers. I see in whatsap groups im in, constant "looking for dslr" posts. much more than stills.

I have no lack of work for stills but want to fill all week long with shooting events and want to transition to mostly video based as thehy get paid more and like I said, much more work. we shoot weddings here from sunday till friday. 6 days options of shooting a wedding. weddings are almost never less than 250 people and most are 350+ last week shot a 750 weddings. it was bonkers.

I am a nikon shooter. using nikon D3s D4s and D750. imo the D750 could probably used as the backup 2nd camera on a tripod in a ceremony or for the dance floor. my 2nd body (or main body) im trying to figure out

I absolutely hate the z every way. the stupid adapter is annoying to me. I dont see myself moving that direction in the near future.
im considering the d780 as my main video camera. was looking at the d780 though no ibis and get a gimbal like the weebill s. the video camera also has to shoot stills on days im not shooting video.

tamron 15-30 vc
sigma 40mm art
nikon 50 1.8g overpriced plastic garbage.
nikon 85 1.8g
sigma 135 art
nikon 70-200 2.8vr1

-a monopod with video head
-tripod with video head. cheapest one thats stable enough. probably a sirui or benro brand. not sure

we dont use lapel mics. but to record from dj board some recorder is necessary. im guessing 2 would be better.