Hi gang. I recently discovered after a reinstall of Premiere Pro CS6 that Encore is no longer working. I would really like some help as I have been trying all kinds of softwares but not finding the magic fit for what I want to do. I can sacrifice a few things and I figure I will have to so, here is my workflow and here are the features I would like:

In the past, I would output a blu-ray with 4:3 SD video, 16:9 HD (720 & 1080). Basically I like editing (cutting commercials from sports broadcasts) inside VideoRedo. Its simple and works well. After, I would use Premiere Pro CS6 or Premiere Pro 2018 to push out separate audio and video streams for import to Encore where I would create menus. My menus have always been simple. A plain background with some image and text, motion thumbnails of whatever videos were on the disc and background music. If there were lots of videos on the disc, I would have to have 2 or maybe even 3 menu pages. Finally, I would have pop-up menus that would allow me to choose between which video I wanted to watch.

I would like to be able to keep the workflow with minimal adjustments (of course I would be open to suggestions for improvement)
I must have the ability to add chapters
I must have the ability to customize the menus
I would really like the ability to create buttons and complete control over linking items etc. etc.
I really need some level of pop-up menus
I would like something that doesn't re-encode my files once imported. I am importing files that I am certain are blu-ray complaint (I learned that from this website).

I have looked at DVDFab (rubbish) TMPGEnc appeared the closest (lack of total control over pop-up) DVDstyler (trash) Pinnacle Studio 24 (ran slow AF, perhaps older version?)