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  1. hello there!
    i had make a video at beach at night with only light, the moonlight.
    At 'complete' darkness.
    Video made with Sony a7iii and Tamron 28 75 f2.8 lens.
    Editing made at premiere pro 2020.
    Now, Sony a7iii is 8bit 4-0-0 color, and at the export i choose min and max bitrate, (min 80 and max 120 bitrate).
    i shoot at 25fps 1/50 shutterspeed f2.8 with max iso 6400.
    Ytube compression make serious damage here and there, cause my 'master' file of my video is far more great
    when i just watch it at my vlc player at my desktop.
    My question is, is the min & max of bitrate too low,(min 80 max 120), for this kind of video, i mean this hard conditions at complete dark ???
    A7s iii would be better with 10bit 4-2-2 color for sure, but i want the most from a7iii that i have right now..
    Here is the video:
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    Lower bitrate is an enemy of detail, and darkness has fainter detail. So max possible, or a high CRF (or "lossless" H264, which isn't actually lossless).

    Youtube will do whatever it wants. It's not a place where anybody expects quality. Most people view it in tiny windows, on phones, etc.

    You new camera can't be 4:0:0, data must exist, you surely mean 4:2:0. And Youtube will also use 4:2:0
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