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  1. I have a DVD that has a sound delay issue in one of the tracks. I copied it in full to my hard drive and played the individual VOB files in several players, and indeed the audio is not in sync.

    The "VIDEO_TS" folder has 5 large VOB files composing the film, and I wonder if there is a way to fix the sound sync issue in these files without re-encoding and while keeping the DVD structure (menus etc.) intact.

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  2. 1. Find out the amount of the delay, plus or minus in milliseconds. Use a player that can adjust the audio delay on the fly. I use MPC-HC
    2. Demux all assets - audio, video, chapters, subs - with PGCDemux.
    3. Fix the delay of the 'bad' audio file in DelayCut.
    4. Reauthor everything using Muxman.
    5. Add the fixed movie back into the DVD using the 'Replace" button of VobBlanker.
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  3. Thank you very much. Incredibly helpful.
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