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  1. Hi guys. This is my first post on the forum and I would be grateful for some help with a work around to down load a video off youtube. I did a subject search but nothing that came up seemed to answer my problem.

    I use Freemake when I download the occasional video. When I pasted the location of the video I was denied the download with the message "No downloadable video. The program was unable to find any downloadable video at this URL". I've never seen this before but, after searching for an explanation. it seems that youtube have done this to encourage users to develop loyalty to the platform. The longer an individual stays on the YouTube platform, the more number of ads they see. And these ads bring in revenues for YouTube. What a bummer and a diabolical liberty.

    So, does anybody have any suggestions how I can get around this setback so that I can continue downloading video?

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted
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