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  1. Hello, I have an LG DVD Home Theater model LHD625, which was hit by lightning, the result is attached.
    I tested the entire board and everything is normal, just the IC a Mediatek MT1389QE, and two diodes that burned out.
    I would like some help, it is possible, I've researched a lot and almost nothing appears about it, much less the firmware to write the new CI. Does anyone have this firmware or a compatible one?

    any help is welcome ^^

    sorry about my English
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    have you tried contacting the manufacture to see if they offer any kind
    of warranty repair or replacement ??
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  3. Yes, LG refuses to send the firmware, the technical assistance has condemned the entire board and refuses the service because there is no replacement board. According to the service manual, the replacement of IC solves the problem, but the firmware is needed.
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    Found this to repair/fault finding this hardware, it gives a firmware filename so its out there but might take some tracking down to find a genuine link not some scam to get you to enter your card details
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  5. I've researched a lot, almost nothing appears about this model. I had already read the service manual and looked for the file and nothing came up.
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