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  1. Hi all, does this capture card bug look familiar to anyone? I work with NTSC.
    Bugged capture:
    The yellow circle is meant to uniformly scroll across the screen from left to right 3 times while the text stays still. Here is the digital equivalent (not bugged) of the analog footage

    I am using a USB 2861 Capture Device, specifically an ION Video 2 PC HD MKII. It was working perfectly on my Windows 10 PC until December 2020, when a Windows 10 Update introduced the stuttering (YT link) which ruins the capture and preview alike (the bug is visible even when not writing to disk). There are frequent unwanted pauses plus sporadic vertical and horizontal offsets. I have tried OBS, Bandicam, and VirtualDub to preview and capture the video, all with the same fault, so I know that the issue is not my capture software but rather the way Windows 10 works with the USB 2861 Driver. I also have a USB 2821 Device StarTech from the 2000s that creates the same bug on the recent Win10 patches.

    My attempts at driver-fu so far include:
    -Installing a "USB 2861" driver from a cab file on Softpedia, this activated a "BDA TV Monitor" application in my task bar tray which did nothing for me.
    -Installing ION Video 2 PC HD MKII drivers, doing both repair mode and an uninstall/reinstall attempt.
    -Updating Bandicam, my preferred capturing software, to the latest version.

    I haven't messed with my Nvidia graphics settings much, maybe something in the Nvidia Control Panel is key?

    I've been rolling back every Windows 10 update since December 2020 to keep my capture device from glitching, but today my computer installed an update that I cannot roll back after my logging in post-update created a cryptic "user account" preventing me from rolling back the update.
    [Attachment 59481 - Click to enlarge]

    I have researched and found no obvious way of removing this "user". This rollback issue is probably better suited for a Microsoft forum, but alas it is the catalyst for my cry for help here. Windows 10 only allows a limited time to restore an earlier build, so I have 10 days to figure out how to roll back the update, or else I am stuck with stuttering USB capture and I will have to put my project on hold indefinitely.

    If I can get the ION Video 2 PC HD MKII stick previewing/capturing smoothly on the latest build of Windows 10 (Version 20H2, OS Build 19042.630) then the time pressure for rollback becomes a non-issue.
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    It's much easier to learn how to install Win 7 in dual boot than fidling with Win 10, Win 10 is for modern day activities not for capturing analog video. A cheaper alternative is to buy a cheap used computer with Win 7 installed, Don't worry about MS support, it is useless, My laptop works better after the Win 7 support ended, that means MS don't bug me anymore.
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    Have you tried ---Compatability Mode---trouble shooter?
    In the search box,bottom left,start typing ---compatability--- and the programme should appear.
    Also,check ---Reliabilty History---for entries relevant to the problem and if so,lines 1&2 in ---view tech details---will give searchable information.
    A look through ---dxdiag---might give some information.
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