Hi i noticed Potplayer uses too much CPU (nearly 50%) and GPU while playing live stream 4K videos and even 1080p video but VLC only uses 1-3% CPU
both uses intel uhd 630 graphics, i have nvidia gtx1050 4gb too.
i changed potplayer to use nvidia (although intel was better to decode video) but it's still same.
What is the difference here? Does VLC really efficient to play?
I tried to disable DXVA (hardware acceleration) and changed some filter settings of Potplayer, still no difference, currently DXVA is on.
Installed Poplayer beta to check if there is a problem, still no difference (210611).
Do you have high CPU usage on Potplayer while playing 4K video too?
If i play +30mbps bitrate streams, potplayer uses even more cpu & gpu both almost 50%, vlc still uses cpu 1-5%