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    Basically the title. I'm sick of this crap. From a handful of discs I tried opening for some the main playlists aren't detected, only the shorter segments like trailers and extras. Now I get an "unexpected token" as soon as I try to open a disc.

    [Attachment 59448 - Click to enlarge]

    I tried latest and an old one like 0.7.5. Same results. I tried looking but couldn't find anything. From here to hell BDInfo is the only thing able to scan bitrates it seems. Ofc, all discs I tried are legit and work perfectly. I can rip or play them, no issues. The problem is BDInfo.

    I'm out of luck?
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  2. Thatís not old enough. I get your same error at times. I use both the latest and a much older version being 0.5.8. Try using an older version in the 5 range and see if your problem still occurs. When one fails the other usually works.
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  3. Thank you! Ran into the same issue as OP. I had an old version on the HDD as well (v0.5.9), and it worked like a charm
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