I have a Microlab TMN1 4:1 which I bought in 2011. For the past couple of days, I'm noticing something off. The subwoofer has 4 ports. FR, FL, SR & SL. I use only 2 speakers since my computer table isn't that big. So the issue is with the FR port. Suppose 2 speakers are connected in FR & FL. The one that is connected to FL gives off sound normal and just as loud as it should be, however, the one that is connected to FR gives off less loud sound than the one connected to FL. To narrow it down, I switched the connection and connected the speaker that was connected to FL, to FR and the one that was connected to FR, to FL. Now again, the same problem, no matter what speaker I connect to FR, it gives off a less loud sound than its counterpart. I even tested in windows' stereo sound tester and whichever one that is connected to FR gives a less loud sound indeed. Does this mean, the FR port of the subwoofer is broken and needs to fixed? Also, can it be fixed? If so, how much that would cost in US Dollars? One more thing, I searched for Microlab's official website and on the search result there are quite a few, so not sure which one is the real one. If anyone knows of it, please add it in the reply. I tried mailing to one of the sites that I found and it said their inbox is full and getting too much email. Thank you.