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  1. I am still working with a very funky MPD, and still have not found a site that uses this format, or a tool that can parse correctly. I wrote some code that will parse, and download the fragments, but i may not be merging them properly. So i was wondering which one (YT or FFMPEG) does the merging of all the raw audio and video files, so i have one audio and one video file, in the encrypted state.

    I know FFMPEG will merge the audio and video, but i need the encrypted files first. I may have come across something, and want to test it, but need to make sure which part (the merge, or the new tool) is giving the issue, debugging can drive you to drink sometimes LOL.

    If anyone wants to see the MPD, i should have a post or two on here, or can copy a snippet of the MPD on this post.


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  2. ffmpeg

    Prove it to yourself by temp removing ffmpeg.exe from same dir as yt-dlp (or edit the /path in Env table to exclude it).
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