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  1. Try StreamFab All-in-One and rip Netflix video! Or Try DVDFab and copy Blu-rays! or rip iTunes movies!

    It is not true. They cannot rip Netflix or any DRM protected video after May 31, 2021.

    Please beware and do not pay them any money!

  2. Try Anystream.
    discord notaghost#9997

  3. Originally Posted by notaghost View Post
    I'm not interested only in Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney.
    If it works for them it should work anywhere.
    or they are simply screen capturing.

  4. They are not screen capturing

    PS, I am not affiliated with them
    discord notaghost#9997

  5. I just checked out that software, and it does work for Amazon . @Moni, i do not get why either, if it works on those 3 sites, should work on any. The only thing, i do not like, but could be in the paid version, is multi-download. I can confirm that it is not screen capturing, and betting it works maybe from dumping the buffer, but it also looks at the MPD, and does a license request, some kind of voodoo is going on LOL.

    Maybe i will subscribe to Amazon, looks like they have the same things as Discovery Plus, i am a big fan of documentaries, and Docu-series, like Moonshiners, and the show that makes me scream at the screen, Cure of Oak Island. They need to dig faster LOL.

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    Anystream is not screen capturing.
    It's realy download web-dl of the scene but it's
    suport only Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+

  7. Yes, but here is the cool thing for me, Amazon carries Discovery Plus, which is what i have been hammering on trying to figure out. Also, this is very funny, I went to one of the Discovery shows, and got a warning on the screen about needing WV, and all that to watch, BUT, you can download still.

    Buying a lottery ticket LOL.

    @Notaghost, many props on the mentioning that proggy, does work (so far) as stated, and i am such a happy camper right now!!!

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    Netflix should be removed.

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