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  1. Hello, I have the amazon prime app to download the movies. But my windows is a virtual machine and the amazon prime app can't play movies with a virtual vga.
    My host machine is a linux and I'm trying to download and then decrypt the movies, so that I can move the files to linux and play it.
    I download the movies with the amazon prime video app and I found the movies splitted in video and audio files in a certain path. Also I found the mpd file with the key ids, but I have'nt found the keys.

    Anyone can help me how to decrypt the files so that I can move them to my linux host and play ?
    Under windows I installed Internet download manager and now I'm able to download the entire movie in a single file, but it's still encrypted.
    Then my questions are:

    - I tried the Widevine Decryptor chrome extension to find the keys and it worked till the 31 may, how can make working Widevine Decryptor agin ?
    - Is there any other way to download the movies ? For example, are there any extension that allow me to download the video already decrypted ?
    - From the mpd file is there way to get the key ?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. You can't. Most of mere mortals, can't.
    No, you need more 'tools'.

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    Against Forum Rules

    "Do NOT talk about copying rented/subscription material
    You are not allowed to rip/copy/record rented video. It includes streaming rented/subscribed video like netflix, itunes, hulu plus, etc."

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    Lewis8,please do not ask for help on downloading subscription videos,this is against forum rules,this thread is closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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