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  1. Hello, I know there are many post about this but I want to have your opinions.
    I'm transfering my VHS collection to digital, I want to keep the best quality possible so I use AmaRecTV and VirtualDub to capture in AVI, but I dont want to keep these files so I want to compress to archive the best quality possible, which you think is the best option for ARCHIVING best quality? deinterlaced with avisynth QTGMC and encode with xmedia code to h264 high bitrate or directly raw avi to mpeg with xmedia code and keep it interlaced?

    I hope you could help me with this, thank you!
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    What about ffv1 inVirtualdub2?
    Keep the chroma at 422
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  3. Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    What about ffv1 inVirtualdub2?
    Keep the chroma at 422
    I will check that out, thank you
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  4. someone know how interlace a video in avisynth after resize?
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  5. check below
    Bob(0.0, 1.0)
    separatefields().selectevery(4,0,3).weave() # pour Top Field First
    #separatefields().SelectEvery(4,1,2).weave() # pour une video avec les champs du bas en premier BottomField First
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