I just cannot get this out of my head, and is driving me more insane. I know it prolly cannot be done, because if it was this easy, then, it would have been done by now, but i do not know the "why". in the most basic flow, the media file(s), comes in, go through a CDM (WV or PR) goes through decryption, and sent to the player in the clear, just like any other encryption/decryption, or is there more to media encrypted files.

One reason i cannot get this out of my head is, if you go to the Bitmovin or Shaka player demo sites, and then paste in the MPD URL, and the License Server URL, it plays. Since they are both Open Source, it should be able to send the output to a file, rather than a player.

So, why can we not, take the same info (MPD URL and Server URL), send into the CDM, and save it in the clear?