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    Using debian linux and dvgrab to capture DVCAM from a Sony DSR-20P.

    I initially had issues with dropped frames, which I overcame by using a ramdisk.

    The software starts a new file when it finds a discontinuity in the timecode, which works fine most of the time but I see that some of the files are dated in the future.

    For example


    Watching the capture I can see that the initial timecoded file name is a valid one, then a future dated file gets created, after which the original file is updated some more.
    Using vlc the future dated file shows vertical colour bars and has a duration of 15 seconds.

    Is there a way, using ffprobe maybe, to display the timecode of each frame so I can determine where the problem occurs?
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    Oops, sorry, this gets you the display timecodes, not the recording date/time metadata. Still, you may be able find a break in the progression to determine where your problem is.

    This in a batch file will get you the timestamps in a CSV file, ready to import into a spreadsheet. Or edit with a text editor.
    echo entry,media_type,pkt_pts_time,ftype,coded# > "%~n1.csv"
    ffprobe.exe -v 32 -stats -y -hide_banner -i %1 -select_streams v -print_format csv -of csv -show_entries "frame=media_type,coded_picture_number,pkt_pts_time,pict_type" >> "%~n1.csv"
    Drag/drop a video file onto the batch file. Output will have the same base name as the video file, with a .CSV extension.

    [Attachment 59410 - Click to enlarge]
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    Thank you jagabo

    It has worked nicey and has helped identify the frames where the issue occurs.
    Now I need to think what I can do about it
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