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  1. I have a small section of video that has a very loud annoying beeping noise in it, I've found a way to turn down the beeping through the EQ, but I can't seem to figure out if there's a way to apply the EQ to only the one section instead of the entire video.

    Would anyone happen to have any suggestions?
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    A couple of options: 1/split your video (and therefore audio) so that the problem area becomes a separate object, then work on it; 2/Right-click on the audio and choose Volume Curve (displays as a green line). You can then control the volume at any point in the clip by clicking to create volume nodes. You'll need 4: 1st one to anchor the previous volume, the second to lower the volume in the problem area, then two more to raise the volume again to normal. You can drag the nodes in every direction to fine-tune them.

    [Attachment 59382 - Click to enlarge]

    If you're still stuck, hop on over the Magix forum:

    We're a friendly bunch and the experts there will set you straight in a flash.
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