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  1. Hi there
    What's the easiest way to get screengrabs from videos on a Windows 10 PC? I have VLC, Vegas Pro 18, Photoshop, and various other programs I can't think of at the moment.
    I've not found the need to do this before but I'm now planning to do so. Don't need to do anything special with it so far, other than to grab a few images of the same quality as the originals.
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  2. Most video players can do this.

    choose png as output format.
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  3. VLC will take .png snapshots.
    Head to the VIDEO menu, last option in the drop down.
    images will be stored in your PICTURES folder.

    It doesn't matter what size the player window is during playback, VLC will capture the image at the size of the video file aspect ratio
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