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    So, this may be a topic more apt in this thread on this site:

    However, I just registered, they won't let me post there yet, so I thought I'd give this place a try first.

    So, I would often capture raw Dolby Digital audio in PCM format with the AVerMedia Extremecap U3 and then convert it to bit-perfect AC3 with eac3to/BeSplit command line.

    Like so: besplit -core -input 1.wav -type ddwav -output 1.ac3

    Problem is, AVerMedia has gotten ridiculous with their copy protection to the point that the card that I've owned for 6 years has been rendered a brick.

    I've now put my faith in the Inogeni 4K2USB3 capture card which to its credit is a lot more seamless, howevere with the Dolby Digital sound aspect, something seems to be off.

    I should note that the old card recorded in 30fps and the new card records in 60fps so that may be a factor, I don't know.

    Here is the .wav file of the test recording, which sounds typical:

    And here is the .ac3 file which is making sporadic noises rather than just having normal sound:

    So, is it the framerate? Is it the codec? Is there something I can change to make my conversions successful without buying a new card?

    And if I have to buy a new capture card, which USB capture card would work well with BeSplit?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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