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  1. I have a number of video files from a JVC GZ-MG130U that my NLE (Videopad) is having trouble with. The raw files look choppy when dumped directly into the timeline, (why on earth? 640x480 with 16GB of RAM and an i5? haven't had this problem with other SD footage at all) and each of the deinterlacing options I have tried in both VLC and Handbrake only degrade the overall sharpness without giving me the smooth, flowing motion that I want.

    Here is an example of what I am working with: I'm pretty sure this is an MPG "under the hood" but I haven't checked to see if my memory is correct. For whatever reason it seems like a number of mid-2000s lower end camcorders spit out these MOD files - I had a Canon FS200 that did the same, albeit at noticeably worse quality (some kind of awful proprietary variable bitrate thing).

    Do I need to break out the big guns (QTGMC)? I'm not expecting 8k ultra surround cinema George Lucas quality out of the thing, but it would be nice to know that I'm editing files that are "the best I can get" from what it gives me.
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  2. according to MediaInfo it's mpeg-ps container, so the extension probably should be .mpg instead of .MOD and why is qtgmc 'big guns' instead of the default for interlaced content?
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