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  1. Are there any possibility to make VDub2 (running AviSynth) run faster?
    Using Prefetch() already.
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  2. Why do you think VDub2 is the reason for your AVISynth script running slowly? 99% of the time, it's the AVISynth plugins.
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  3. Need to test all possibilities.
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  4. Test your bottlenecks.

    If you have an upstream bottleneck in the avs script, nothing you can do will speed up vdub2 downstream. e.g If the avs output is 10fps max, then vdub2 cannot go faster than 10fps

    Adjust your script and vdub2 settings. You can use avsmeter as a diagnostic aid. Maybe some of your settings are not optimized, eg. wrong prefetch number

    If vdub2 or some codec is your bottleneck, use faster settings. e.g. if some encoding settings are very slow and the bottleneck, use faster settings
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