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  1. I've got a video file I'm trying to help someone with. They wanted to cut about 2 seconds from the middle, and not lose any quality so I figured vdub and direct stream copy.

    The video is a mov file, HEVC recorded from an iphone X, and while the video does open, its upside down in virtualdub2. I can export using file > export > stream copy which works, but the exported video is then upside down in the player.

    I checked the metadata in the video file and it has a flag set rotate = 180

    what do I do so that I don't need to apply a rotate filter? Is there a setting to change, or do I need to edit the metadata somehow?

    The last thing I tried is I installed ffmpeg vdub plugin and tried opening the video using that instead of the caching driver, but same thing.

    Thanks to everyone here in advance, you're all awesome!!
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  2. Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    thanks that might just work!
    adding that does make the video play correctly, I guess the video is taken upside down on apple phones and told to rotate in the player I do not like this approach but oh well

    thanks again, I'll post back if I need further assistance
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