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  1. The ffmpeg function that was working before like....

    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc test.mp4
    ...doesn't work anymore.

    Site (tango) changed something so now 'live.m3u8' link never works. I'm sure because full (m3u8) link contain 'token' value at the end which changes every few seconds contanstly. I found a topic here:

    ...And I was hopeing that the code which was provided in that ^ topic would work, so I used:

    ffmpeg -multiple_requests 1 -reconnect 1 -reconnect_at_eof 1 -reconnect_streamed 1 -reconnect_delay_max 2 -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc test.mp4
    but it doesn't work. I tried to even include whole m3u8 link which has 'initial' token, like this:

    ffmpeg -multiple_requests 1 -reconnect 1 -reconnect_at_eof 1 -reconnect_streamed 1 -reconnect_delay_max 2 -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc test.mp4
    but that didn't worked too. I'm guessing because token part of that m3u8 link was already changed when I 'grabbed it' from developer panel (CTRL+SHIFT+I) at the network tab.

    ^ when I copy again the same m3u8 link, its token was already changed in just 2-3 seconds, and it keeps changing. I managed to quickly download m3u8 file itself and it had this as its content:

    I even managed to 'quickly' download one of these TS files. But then thing is, if you are not really quick, even those TS file become obsolite very fast (like in few seconds).

    So... anyone has an idea how to record live tango stream?

    You can browse streams here:

    ^ you don't need to register. Just enter any live stream, pop-up your developer options by holding CTRL+SHIFT+I and select network tab. There try to find live.m3u8 link.

    I hope someone can figureout this.

    Thanks in advance guys!
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  2. Been having the same problem since a week...what we need is an application that can recognize the changing ''tokens'' and merge the files together as one stream..
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