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  1. I'm trying to join some clips, and mixing some audio as well. My script should be okay:

    V2=V2.Trim(1800,1884)+V2.Trim(2032,2134)+V4.Trim(4 155,4242).Amplify(2.3)

    My problem is that the video will slow down when getting ready to switch to the V1 Clip on the first line, the clip plays fine when I remove it. Is my MixAudio command incorrect or something?
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  2. Is it Avisynth slowing down are you referring to the video slowing down after it's encoded? Does the V1 clip have any slow filtering applied? Something that'd prevent it playing in real time in Aviynth?
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  3. The video has aleady been encoded, I just put it into Avisynth. The video starts to slow down when it's ready to switch to the second video clip. It has something to do with the MixAudio command, An extra piece of audio causes the slowdown. I should be able to put more than two pieces of audio right? I've tried both MixAudio and MergeChannels and it's still slowing down at that specific part.

    Basically I have the V4 sound coincide with the V1 scene change on the first line. The video suffers massive slowdown there.
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  4. I think I figured it out. Apparently I can not have a V1 video and then have a separate V1 audio command. I renamed the audio command to V5, and that fixed it.
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