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    Hello people,

    I thank everybody who gives me his time to solve my problem.

    So, my plan is to post a music video (classical music) on my birthday (17th). I have the sheet music as photos and I want to cut them together to form some kind of book which opens and turns pages just at the right time. At the end I wanted all pages to flip again back to the title of the "book"/music. Furthermore I have a fitting photo which I would like to be the background of the video (the page(s) in the front, surrounded by the pic). A change in the backgroundcolor throughout the video (change in emotions) would round it off.

    I dont want a tutorial which would obv. be too much to ask for but maybe some recommendation for programs with which my demands could be fullfilled (especially for a guy as untalented as I am in this area)

    Have a nice day!
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  3. Also, I recall that Steve Grisetti posted a way to create a book page turn video at Muvipix.

    It's been awhile so you will have to do a search on that site.
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