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  1. What could be the best way to mux audio with video using Avisynth or simply VDub2?
    No LWLibavAudioSource, not working in my case.
    Muxing into MP4.
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  2. Kawaiiii
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    What do you mean with "not working"? It's not working at all or audio get out of sync with video ?

    And from what source/format ? (It's the most important thing to know)
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  3. Avisynth just serves raw video and audio. It does not encode video and audio streams and it does not mux those streams to a container (mp4,mkv. etc.).
    Load avisynth script into virtualdub2 and then encode/mux.
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  4. Originally Posted by _Al_ View Post
    Load avisynth script into virtualdub2 and then encode/mux.
    Thanks for reminding me, but happens I already learned this.That's why I'm on this forum.
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  5. LWLibavAudioSource
    sorry, I did not notice that problem is audio source plugin and your audio
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