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  1. Using QTGMC with ASynth+, VDub2.
    Original is 25fps.
    Checking what fps result will be.
    Instead of 50fps there are 49,425fps (attached).
    Maybe that's just me, but it looks sometimes I saw 49,427fps at the same place.
    Result is still 49,425fps.
    Should I force to 50fps?
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  2. In all likelihood your AviSynth source filter is delivering the wrong frame rate. This typically happens with video that has been trimmed from a longer video and has a few unused b-frames at the start and/or end.
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  3. @jagabo, so I just need to force it to 50fps?
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  4. Make sure your source isn't variable frame rate. If it is, force it to constant frame rate with something like LWlibavVideoSource("filename.ext", fpsNum=50000, fpsDen=1000).

    If the issue is leading/trailing b-frames you can just assume the source is 25 fps, AssumeFPS(25), or assume the output of QTGMC is 50 fps, AssumeFPS(50).
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  5. Can I just click "Change frame rate to" and type "50" in that VDub2 dialog screenshot of which I attached?
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  6. That should work.
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