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  1. For like 2 weeks I can't figure out why I can't see most of the thumbnail preview picture for videos and every time I click a youtube link added in the playlist it gives the usual "A problem has occurred while starting playback" error.
    I have not changed any firewall settings,I reinstalled Potplayer last version.
    Don't know how to troubleshoot what's going on.
    Anyone knows how to fix it or is it a very recent problem that's because youtube changed something?
    I can open those youtube links in VLC just fine.I don't know what else to try.
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  2. From what i read somewhere Youtube blocked network streaming for Europe or something like that.

    I tried using a US VPN and it worked fine, without VPN it doesn't work.

    Hopefully they gonna fix it, maybe they need to update the extension that's parsing the youtube urls.

    VLC and Streamlink are working but you are limited to 720p most of the time. I don't think you can chose a higher resolution like you could in Potplayer.
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  3. SMPlayer also works fine and it can stream at max quality...but it does not show title without clicking on the youtube link in the playlist of the video player.
    Only once it starts playing I can see the title.I might just add many links in the playlist and watch them at a later date but if there is no title without clicking every link individually then there's no point.
    In Potplayer as soon as i added the link i could see the title.
    When you add a link you also can not see a thumbnail picture for the youtube links like you can in Potplayer.
    Kodi might work but I don't know how to use it yet properly and it does not have a functional Firefox addon to add your link in the player's playlist directly from the youtube page while browsing youtube like I can for Potplayer(because somone actually competent made a great Firefox addon for Potplayer).
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