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  1. So I just successfully burned a backup of some media I bought onto a Blu-Ray disc. I made menus and did all that fancy stuff in Adobe Encore CS6 and made sure it worked before I rendered out a .iso file. Then once I found out it worked I got the .iso and burned it onto a Blu-Ray disc in IMGBurn. Everything went smooth. I go to open my Blu-Ray on VLC Media Player and it works like a charm. But then I go and put it into my LG BP175 and it loads fine until I get to the main menu. I have two options on the Main Menu screen and none of them are highlighted, I try pressing the down and up arrows and I don't see anything getting highlighted. So I then just decide to press the "OK" button. That plays the first menu option which is a play-all button on my disc. I'd like to be able to highlight and select the other menu option, which if you are curious is an episode-selection button. Does anyone know what is going on? Do I need to give more information about anything? I'd like to be able to play this Blu-Ray on my actual Blu-Ray player as that's my main reason for making this. Thanks

    EDIT: Thanks to a friend I figured out the solution. If you guys ever run into the issue, try pressing the side arrows a few times rather than the up and down arrows and it should hopefully pop up!
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