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  1. Which would produce better results?

    1. VHS to Roxio Easy VHS to my PC?
    2. VHS to Sony TRV-17 MiniDV camcorder to Firewire card (2 Port 1394a PCI Express FireWire Card) on Win10?

    I already have option #2, so I'm wondering whether the is any benefit to getting the Roxio hardware.
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    1 is better but it can get into a rabbit hole depends on your skills of troubleshooting drivers under Win 10.
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  3. I'd opt for #2 for simplicity as those cheap-o capture cards often produce more issues than a firewire pass through capture would. Dropped frames, out of sync audio, etc. Wouldn't try USB capturing without a solid card like ATI TV Wonder or Blackmagic.
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