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    I will have to capture again. I deleted it.

    Also I figured out that I could take my original OBS capture and use Virtualdub to re-encode back into huffyuv. It created a huffyuv file that was marked correctly.

    You are most certainly correct about tape quality. This one has mild tracking problems. I can capture the same tape and it will freeze at random points in different captures.
    I wondered if there is some latency issue that OBS didn't have. Maybe I was just lucky before?

    I am creating an ISO and hope to test an interlaced DVD tonight.
    I will un another capture and post a sample afterwards.
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  2. Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    Here is the sample.

    I posted a lagarith version from the same VHS source some days ago in another topic.
    Thanks for the sample. As near as I can tell, the video itself has no interlacing information. The original AVI spec doesn't have such a flag. The video file doesn't have an ODLM2 extension that could be used to flag interlacing. And finally the huffyuv codec has no private interlacing information that I know of. It looks like MediaInfo just calls any huffyuv 2.1.1 video interlaced if it is over 288 lines tall. If you crop your video and save it as 288 lines or less MediaInfo report progressive. If you crop to frame height over 288 (for example 292) it will report interlaced. It doesn't matter if the content is truly interlaced or progressive. Also, if you use some of the other huffyuv variants (ffmpeg, ffdshow, huffyuvmt) MediaInfo will always report progressive.
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    ^^ Thanks for the insight. As earlier, I did suspect that mediainfo was making a broad assumption based on the codec.
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