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  1. First of all, I know that WIN7 is out of support, but I still use that OS for 24/7 PCs like this one because it's stability and total control of system (updates or obtrusion).

    I'm just fighting with my new Elgato HD60 pro to make it work in my playout PC. I've installed 3.2 game capture soft and respective patch for this version that recognizes new models. For driver I've serious problems with the included at this package so I''ve forced install the last one recommended for win10 at they support webpage, because WIN7 recommended driver for HD60 pro not includes new hardware model revision and device manager shows not driver installed for the "multimedia device".

    After that tedious process, I get working my Elgato HD60 Pro Game at WIN7 but only through the game capture soft I'm able to get video and audio.

    My goal is to substitute my old BM Decklink studio 2 for ingest video signal input from other PC or Cam into my TV automated schedule software that uses ffmpeg dshow driver for external input signal. This is useful when you want to schedule a live event and software sends a command to use the cam input from an external feed (rtmp decoder, video mixer, or whatever you want) TV automated schedule soft use very simple and easy configure method for capture/playout video, it uses direct show API. I only have to config the video resolution and fps of video source and software recognizes the input. With the HD60 pro my video works but no audio embedded. Driver installation adds a sound input device but in windows sound manager Elgato line-in is not showing any activity at the vu meter although I mark device as default or mark "listen that device" in properties. I've being use this method without issues with the BM line-in device.

    The next step is to upgrade my TV manager PC to WIN10 just in case the driver was the problem. But first I want to consult if elgato capture hardware can be used with external soft and embedded sound works normally at sound manager.

    Thanks in advance and excuse my poor eng

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