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  1. This guy is in the UK, and repairs beta decks, though I don't know to what extent they take repair orders or not.
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  2. Originally Posted by lingyi View Post
    Palsite has a chat forum that may be of help:

    Repair isn't just finding someone who knows what the issue is, but having the replacement parts. Good luck!
    I haven't been on the Palsite forum but I've searched the site and have emailed them about my issue, but I never got a reply. I've looked at lots of youtube channels related to these machines, some seem to know what they're talking about others don't seem that knowledgeable. I've asked Video99 (Colin99) on youtube about what the problem could be, but he didn't give me a definitive answer, could be the belt, PCB board etc. One other person told me that it was the loading belt that had become stuck, and another person seem absolutely sure it's to do with the reel motor. I recorded a video of the machine when trying to play tapes and uploaded to my youtube channel in the hope that someone could pinpoint the exact problem, but the ones that viewed the video didn't really know. I can only hope that it is just the belts that needs replacing as they are quite easy to find, but I don't know the belts would wear away or break so quickly if the machine had been refurbished prior to me buying it. I have had lots of VCRs in the past, one a Sanyo Betacord 9300, and I don't ever recall the belts needing replacing on it or the motor becoming faulty. My current VHS recorder I've thrown in it nearly 200 plus tapes and never had the belts wear.
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