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  1. Hello all
    I got hands on a very badly deinterlaced video which seems to be at least encoded afterwards and possibly upscaled a bit.
    The video still shows deinterlacing lines and also ghosting and I tried dozens of things in avisynth (QTGMC, tdeint, Bobbing, ...) but the result is still bad. The main issue I think I have is that the interlaced lines seem to be too wide so I cannot separate fields and then there is also the ghosting problem.

    Anyone here who might have an idea how that video could be fixed?
    I attached a small sample.

    Many thanks for your help!
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    I think you're out of luck. The video is essentially progressive, the two fields are identical, all those
    ugly blends and artifacts are "baked in"
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  3. The blends are the main problem, since it's cartoon combing could probably be removed by down scaling height by 2 and after then resizing back to the original resolution,....
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  4. Ok thanks for the information. I guess I am out of luck then.
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