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  1. Just info me is it dead in the water or a bit of hope is present, thanks.
    Need to reduce huge motion blur or trails in an attached fragment.
    To do something with green, since this error is greenish?
    Video taken in environments too dark.
    Attached fragment is after Neat Video and some great brightening script by themaster1,
    that "motion blur" was present before all manipulations.
    Image Attached Files
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  2. Did you use a deinterlacer on this, and keep every single frame?

    It looks like too much framerate on playback. It's just playing back so fast. Just lower the framerate or convert to 25fps like it most likely should be, and see if you like it any better. I doubt that will 100% fix it, but I would assume that will help make it much more pleasing to watch.

    As for the smearing, I don't think you will be able to get rid of that completely. Thats pretty bad.
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  3. Used no deinterlacer. Will try to experiment with what you suggested.
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