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  1. Hi all,

    hope you're doing fine.

    I am struggling with following challenge:

    I have severeal file types like *.mts *.mp4 *.mov and so on.
    They were taken during a long travel and I want to sort them all at once based on the Windows Explorer "Date" Info.

    For example:
    If a video was taken on Day 16.05.2021 and Time 23:00

    I would like to rename it either writing the timestamp into file name (like VID_20210516_2300.mp4)


    Renaming it like
    starting with the oldest file.

    Is there any possibility? I hope you can understand my problem.

    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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  2. Kawaiiii
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    You can do it with this free software (since it can batch rename files in ANY way that is possible and imaginable).

    The only issue with it is that it's a bit harsh to start with: it's not difficult.. but you'll have to dedicate some time reading the complex documentation to learn how it works.

    Then you will be able to do ANY kind of renaming with it, even the unimaginable.
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  3. Lupas Rename is simple to use and can get this done.

    Then you will be able to do ANY kind of renaming with it, even the unimaginable.
    What do you mean here by “even the unimaginable ?
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  4. can't you export the folder contents to a csv file (dir > all.csv) at the DOS command prompt. Then in Excel combine the data to the file name you want. Then set up a DOS batch fike using the REN command?
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  5. The later is easy with Bulk Rename Utility. Not sure about the first option.

    PS Just checked. Yes i has an "date" option. No 8.
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