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  1. I'm trying to replace Bink video files in an original Xbox game because they weren't de-interlaced. However, I can't get them to play sound because they have a strange sound structure. All of them have standard Bink video, but they have 7 audio tracks marked as "old format" which has zero documentation as far as I can tell:

    Using the "Mix in Audio" option within RAD Video Tools, I'm able to create de-interlaced versions with an identical structure, minus the "old format" tag:

    Since the resulting video doesn't have "old format" audio, it's completely silent ingame. The video does play and I can tell it's no longer interlaced. I need one of the following:

    1. A way to de-interlace Bink video files without converting to or from any other formats, and while not touching audio at all, preserving the original "old format" audio structure

    2. A way to use the "Mix in Audio" option to add audio as "old format".

    Due to there being practically no Bink documentation besides their short basic FAQ and the download link to the tools, as well as Bink never making their own official support forums, I can't figure out what to do. Am I out of luck? Surely after all these years of Bink being public, someone knows a way to do what I'm trying to do.
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    Did you have any luck?
    this thread talks about using older version(s) of Rad Tools
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  3. Someone in another community solved it for me - if you set audio compression to 100, it'll be added as "old format", and with that I've de-interlaced all of the Bink videos I needed to. Apparently this is undocumented and older versions of RAD don't feature audio compression. I wonder how he found this, it states 99 is the maximum amount of audio compression.
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