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  1. I have some old VHS tapes that I'm trying to rip to digital files. I recently bought the ClearClick VHS2DVD Wizard, and have been having issues with it. I installed the software, and it gives me good video and audio quality, but in the final files, the audio gradually becomes out of sync with the video.

    I tried downloading some different software, but I'm having different issues with those. I tried AmarecTV, but when I use that one, the color ends up all washed out and practically in black and white, even though it doesn't look like that when I play it on my TV. I also tried VirtualDub, but with that one, it won't acknowledge that the video source is plugged in. I can hear the VHS audio through the computer, but there is no video, and when I go to the "Video" drop-down menu and highlight "Video sources", it says "No video sources", even though the video cable is plugged in.

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to this sort of thing, so if anyone can offer any advice on how to handle any of these problems, that would be much appreciated.
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    That device is infamous junk. Return it.
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  3. Is there a different device/software you would recommend instead?
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    There are tons of threads about this exact same request, just look around. You may feel your situation is different but it is not, Windows 10 and crappy Chinese capture device that was made for one purpose only that is to make a quick buck.
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