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  1. Hello,

    I got a recording here with multiple issues I'd like to fix:
    - horizontal lines
    - unstable Chroma (sometimes okay, sometimes it swings back and forth)
    - color flicker & color intensity issues

    [Attachment 58872 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 58873 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 58875 - Click to enlarge]

    download sample

    What filters do I need (defreq definetly, but which others?)?

    It was already passed through a DPS 575 Digital A/V Processor.
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    Does the picture look this bad if you connect the VCR to the TV and watch the tape?
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  3. Yes. Even worse.
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  4. First I would use defreq, but none of my tries worked out.
    Also, how can I fix the color issues?
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