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  1. Hi people, I have the tech skills of a goldfish, hence simple question.... 3gb wmv video I wish to convert to mov for playing (only) on a Mac. No further editing of the movie needed. What's the best: simple, lossless, free conversion method (to undertake via Windows. The Mac is a work machine so not mine to download or mess about with). I don't mind the conversion taking ~6 hours or whatever. Would prefer minimal/no downloading involved. I just want ease without side-effects. REALLY appreciate your help on this.

    btw accurate audio syncing is not even essential. My main criterion is good video quality, free, easy and no bad karma later
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  2. Use clever FFmpeg-GUI
    Load your mwv, main, convert audio, continue, leave all as is, click convert. if done, click convert video, continue, set CRF to 20, leave the rest as is, click convert. If done, click multipex, video and audiostream are already selected, click target file, insert your desired target file name without extension, select MOV as container, click on multiplex, DONE.

    (Btw. The conversion isn't lossless (impossible), but best quality).
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  3. Kawaiiii
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    I think mov is only a type of container (such as mkv or avi) not using a specific codec (it should use HEVC/AVC like on the other platforms).

    Since the mov container is specific to the apple platform, I'd suggest you to convert them to MKV, so you shall then watch them on every platform .. even in the future.

    There are a lot of free and very handy converters/encoders out there : handbrake, vidCoder.. they're very easy to use and totally free.
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