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  1. Hey all,

    I feel like this is such a simple ask with a simple answer and yet it's just generic enough to be difficult to find in a search. My goal is to sample some percentage of a video, uniformly throughout the video to try and get a reasonable approximation of the end result - to accelerate tuning filters or examining a rough bitrate estimate. I came across a complex one-line once before but it has since been lost to the internet.

    Is it a combination of Trim() and GScript() to do some form of looping? ie: assuming a framerate of 24000/1001, grabbing 6 seconds of frames every 60 seconds of frames (10%) and serving those resulting frames?
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    Take a look at SelectEvery
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  3. Thank you, I just stumbled on this myself in the meantime since I've made this post. SelectRangeEvery is exactly what im looking for!
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