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    I have a new Panny FS500B 24" smart t.v. But its too smart for its own good. Apparently it can record progs. to a USB HDD; and then play back same. BUT any recordings cannot be played back on a PC / laptop. Indeed recordings can only be played back on the very same t.v. that recorded them. Is there a PC app. out there that will read and playback a t.v. formatted / recorded HDD? My ultimate aim would be to edit out adverts, then archive said recordings onto a NAS drive. Many thanks.
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  2. Your TV employs a proprietary encryption scheme for its recordings, much like a subscription satellite service. As with those other PVRs, there is no way to circumvent the encryption locking the recordings to that particular TV. There is nothing you can do to make the recordings play on your PC.

    In future, you may want to look into an independent Freeview recorder that creates generic files that can be played on anything. Several are available on Amazon UK, this one is similar to a popular USA/Canada model from the same mfr.
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