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  1. Hello, new here

    Ran the youtube-dl, worked on youtube.
    Tried for Rumble, didn't work....

    I thought I had read on the site that it would work for other sites as well, Rumble etc. ??

    Is this true?

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  2. Use a browser's Developer Tools (F12, Network tab) to get a link to the mp4 file. You can download via that link. For example, this page:

    leads to this mp4 file:

    right click on the link and save the video. Or play the video in a browser, right click on it, and Save As... Or you can use youtube-dl to download via that link:

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  3. Jagabo

    I did try that, got to network... popped up a screen on the bottom of the video.
    some sort of tool/options setup screen... but did not see the change in the link address ??

    Using Firrefox
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  4. It only shows you the links as they are being opened by the browser. Where it says Filter URLs -- enter mp4. Then reload the page and play the video. You will see the mp4 link(s) in Developer Tools.
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  5. jagabo

    this is what I saw, looks like 3 mp4 files....
    I did get it to work and DL, just wondering what the 3 different files were ?
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  6. They're probably all the same. Sometimes it will be different resolutions. Servers often start with a low resolution version then switch to higher resolution if it finds you have sufficient internet bandwidth. Try the last one first.
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  7. Thanks for the info.

    All of this is just a long way to DL the audio...
    once I get the vid I have a program that strips out the audio/mp3

    But I'm always looking for other/better ways to do that if you know of any ?
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  8. Since these files are easily accessible by the link you can use ffmpeg:

    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy output.aac
    That will get you an aac file called output.aac.
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