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    Hey guys!

    I have extracted the images from the video file.
    Now I am at the part where I need to convert the images into text files.
    I got 955 images and I converted them into txt files in one go using Finereader 12.
    Now how do I save them in one batch with the same name as their original source?
    If I select 1 page and click save page, the original name will automatically appear in the dialogue box.
    But when I select all pages and click save, I have to manually rename them.
    So how can I save all of them simultaneously with the same name as their original image source name?

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    Hi there !

    Now I haven't used VideoSubFinder in a while but I remember being stuck at the same place.

    If you're just trying to extract hardcoded subtitles and want something simple to use (if you're not afraid to use the command line), this may be an alternative : SubXtract, a semi-automated hardcoded subtitle extractor. Sorry for the self-promotion but I see you haven't been getting a lot of answers, and future solution-seekers may appreciate the help.

    I hope you solved your issue anyways.
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